Sunday, May 22, 2011


As you may have known, Jen began running a couple years ago, and ran a 5k. Unfortunately, that was the only one she could do because of some things in our schedule - and the whole Isaac being born thing. Well, I'm so proud to tell you that after just 7 months after delivering Isaac, today Jen ran the running portion of a triathlon held in one of our local villages. Now, not to stray from how impressive this feat in itself is, let me tell you a little bit about today, just so you can get a feel for just how great today was:

The weather was really the star of the show today. We woke up this morning to lashing rain, near gale-force gusting winds - just a miserable thing. But, the show must go on! The race format was set up for all the pro-class athletes to begin before the rest of the group, and they started the others in intervals after that. Well, when it got to be the time for Jen's team to start, the swimmer is actually a guy that swims the ocean every day here. The frigid, 50 degree ocean. (Can you say, psycho?) So, he was the only one doing his leg without a wet-suit! He stood out like a sore thumb, looking something like a single white pill in a field full of black licorice. Then the son of some of our friends did the biking leg, leaving Jen to do her 5K (which turned out to be 5.7 due to a last minute change in course.) Well, let me tell was awesome to see Jen go out there, run her legs off, and finish the race. No stopping. No slowing in pace. She did it. Couldn't be prouder of her. Hannah and Cailyn even snuck up towards the last bit and finished the race with her, which was awesome. Me and the kids hung out in the wind and rain, and even though it was cold, it really was amazing. Nothing a good hot shower and cup of hot chocolate didn't take care of when we were done! (For those keeping track and all you worrying mother types ;), Isaac was the warmest of the bunch. He took a nap in his cocoon-enclosed stroller all while we were waiting. We were all jealous of him!)

Enjoy the pics I got! (There's only a few...the rain was just coming down too much, and I couldn't keep the lens dry to save my life...)

Jen getting started on her first lap of the day

Getting to the finish...Hannah and Cailyn were great supporters!

Very proud moment!!

If you want to know what the day was like, the girls' faces will tell you, lol

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Marc and Charity said...

Jen! you rock girl!!! I'm SO proud of you- got tears in my eyes for you. Braving that weather- you are a true Irish woman. Ha. Love you!