Saturday, April 9, 2011


Organized sports have begun in our household! Hannah is old enough this year to begin playing the sport of Camogie. This is a sister sport to Hurling, which is an ancient sport; estimated to be about 2,000 years old. It's fairly straight forward - two teams line up and try to hit a little ball called a sliotar (pronounced, shli-tur) in the opponents goal using something called a hurl that resembles a hockey stick. There aren't too many rules, other than you pretty much can't intentionally bash an opponent with your hurl and the ball has to stay in between the lines. It really does resemble hockey, which ultimately are shared in origin.

Today was just a spectacular day; absolutely beautiful outside, and perfect for going and playing some sports. She was a bit behind today being that they actually started when we were in the states, but she took to it right away. Immediately she began drills on how to hit the ball, and then moved to some practice throwing and catching, then they actually played a scrimmage. And the best part is, Hannah scored a goal!!! She was so excited and happy to be out there. Though there was a little nervousness as she began the day not knowing how to do it, she really took to it well!

Learning to hit the ball

Catching drill...not going to well yet ;D

Hannah got right into the action!

She may have just been as excited to run around on a nice day as she was playing!

Proud girl after her first practice!!

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