Monday, January 24, 2011


After a long break, we're finally putting a post up on the blog. YAY! Literally the day after the last post we had, Seth got a really awful case of bronchitis. Couple that with the adventure of not having water in our house for the week leading up to Christmas and him having to haul water in buckets up into the attic to fill the storage tanks, and the fact that Isaac is still just a newborn and hasn't totally figured out this whole concept of sleeping, it's been a long, long month. Seth was on some serious antibiotics and steroids to get rid of the bronchitis, and praise the Lord, they worked well, but the effects took a large toll on him. He just in the last week really feels back to somewhat normal after everything.

We have been quite busy as well, which is the best thing, and has taken up a lot of time. We've met with several friends, actually went out one night without kids (the first time since Isaac came along!!!) and celebrated a 6th Birthday (that's for another post...). It's been a busy time around here, and for those of you who are still following us, thanks for keeping us in mind!Here's some pictures of Isaac and what he's been up to lately...

Jen found him a very cute Santa suit for his first Christmas!!!

His new thing...he is a VERY smiley baby! Such a sweet smile! The laugh is just about to start, so hopefully soon we'll have that for you too!

I love this look he gets on his face. Kinda looks like he's about to ask a question, or spit up...we can't tell.

And the best picture of the cute wife holding her boy.

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Mike and Morgan said...

So precious! He looks a lot like Seth in the third pic, I think. Glad you guys are doing well. Love to you guys.