Tuesday, July 13, 2010

North Wales

I'm on the road this week with work, and fortunate to be in a place that I've been several times; now though, I have a good camera! We've had some really gorgeous weather, and the views have been spectacular. Yesterday the group we're with went to a village that's situated at the base of the mountain range here and spent some time. It really was beautiful. I've been to this area, again, several times, but this time was stunning...just so beautiful! Here's some pics for your enjoyment ;)

Valley near Snowdon Mountain

Dolbardarn Castle - built in 1230 ad


Laura Forman said...

aahh...northern wales..remember when we all climbed snowdon?? :)

Basha's Mama said...

You know Tom Jones? He's Welsh. ;)
Love the pics! Makes me want to go.

Kent said...

makes me homesick!