Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring time traditions

What comes to mind when you think of spring? The April flowers bring May flowers rhyme we all learned in school? Baseball season starting in April? I don't know...for all of us, it's different. Even if Spring isn't necessarily your favorite season, there's always something special about it. Winter is over, warmer weather is coming. It's just a great time of year. Here, the signs are the same as home; flowers are blooming, everything is turning green(er) and there's new life around every corner like the lambs and calfs that dot the country-side. Well, another tradition here that I think is awesome is the ice-cream. Yep - ice-cream. All the gas stations have soft-serve ice-cream machines that make their way out every year in the spring. After talking to some friends of ours, they equated this happening to mark the official sign of winter being over. The weather would begin to warm slowly, and the anticipation every time they would pass the station to see if may that was the day that the machines would be put into action. It's funny to see how many people get a cone; when you make a trip to the shop, on the way back to work; just going for a stroll; men enjoying their cones while driving to the job site in their trucks - it's everywhere. Makes me think of a new slogan: Ice Cream - the official sponsor of Spring

Here's the "sign" - a giant ice cream to state that the ice cream is available


Jeff Whitfield said...

that one is just my size!

Granny & Papa said...

I love that sign - think I have a pic with me and Hannah at that one!