Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where are we??

hey everyone...just wanted to give you an update on where we are. We moved into a new house a few weeks ago, and have been without internet, at least, consistent internet. We've been able to avail of our friends, and our favorite coffee shop reopened that has WiFi, so we're at least able to limp through. BUT, we're only on for bits at a time and responding to emails is about all we've had time to do. So, stay with us! We'll be posting some pics of the new house soon (maybe a video? Would you want that?) In the mean time, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email and let us know how you're doing!


The Everett Family said...

Glad you guys are doing okay! And of course we would love to see a video of your new home! I have been thinking about doing that at our house, but never have gotten around to it.

Granny & Papa said...

you bet we'd love to see video!! Glad you're back on the air, too LOL

Ruth MacC said...

Moving is a young persons game so well done. Wouldn't like to do it myself, too old and settled on my ways! Glad you have the worst behind you. I bet the kids loved all the excitement though:)
it's Nialls birthday on Sunday and we usually celebrate that and Valentines together so we are looking forwards to that. Won't be long before you are sittting on the porch with shot gun on lap vetting all the young guys who come calling for your two girls, well that's what Jeff said he will be doing with Grace some day soon lol!
Happy Valentines to your whole family.