Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great Day for a Horse Fair

The other day, I went to a horse fair. Yes, that's right, a horse fair! This particular horse fair is very famous, and very historical. It's held annually in a town called Ballinasloe, which in Irish translates to mean 'The town of the mouth of the meetings' for the two rivers that meet there, and this fair. Though the fair was more known for cattle centuries ago, it became a horse-centered event. In fact, the horse that Napoleon rode on into the Battle of Waterloo was purchased for him at this fair. Every year, farmers from all over Europe bring horses to trade or sell. Going to the fair, I really had no idea what to expect...other than what was told to me - "A lot of horses, and a lot of people." Well, what I saw made me think of the Battle for Minas Tirith in the Return of the King! In a field no bigger than a couple of football fields, it was just FULL of horses. I spent most of the day there, and really enjoyed myself. From seeing classic looking Irish Man dressed in his wool jacket and smoking his pipe, to seeing a trade for a horse agreed upon by the slap of hands, made me feel like I'd stepped back in time.

The number of horses was unbelievable

Strolling through the crowd, scoping out the right horse

All sorts of breeds were represented from Clydesdales to miniatures

Of course, walking through a fair like this, you have to be cautious! Horses all over were rearing up and kicking each other. But it makes for great shots if you're quick!

This was a great scene - the man was eating some chips (or fries to most of you) and this horse was just drooling! You can almost imagine a conversation between them...

Many people were selling accessories for all sorts of horse-related stuff from saddles, to bits and leads, to this classic parts for making a wagon

Gambling is very common here too; but not actually allowed. I snuck this shot of a shell game


Jeff Whitfield said...

Great shots! Sounds like a great experience.

akhdesign said...

Awesome photos!

Ruth MacC said...

Good photos. Would like to go there some day soon.