Sunday, September 20, 2009

Germany Part 3 it's been another long time in-between posts, and we're sorry! BUT...we wanted to share with you a few more pics from Germany...we did have a LOT of fun, an there's some great things we got to see.

After Legoland, we went to Nuremberg for a day. It's an incredible city! A river runs in the middle of it, and there's a great castle overlooking the city. It was wonderful! We even found a shop that sold root beer!!! So, for the day, we just walked around, relaxed and enjoyed the sights.

The 3 Musketeers got their hair done for the day, then the needed posing from our apartment!

We found a Starbucks in Nuremberg, which was awesome! We got Hannah and Cailyn Hot Chocolates, and needless to say, Hannah got INTO hers!

On a walk along the pedestrian route, there was this wall laced with these flowers

This is the courtyard of the Nuremberg Castle

Cailyn taking a rest on a bench in the Castle

Walking back to the cars, we crossed a bridge with this view

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Sarah Kebrdle said...

These girls are growing up so beautifully, and I am so encouraged by your family. Praying for you guys.