Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pieces of Antiquity, meet the Deibels!

The next stop on our little tour was the site of the first recorded battle in Irish history. There's a really cool story that goes with it involving a Cyclops (sp?), but I'd have to hear or read it again to effectively pass it on to you.

But, the history didn't really seem to matter to the girls. I think they were just glad to be out of the car, even though we didn't really drive that far. :o) This was called a stone circle (which I somehow managed not to get an actual picture of). It's sets of stones set up in a circle to line up with the directions and seasons. It is in the middle of this HUGE field, so we walked across the field and explored the site area for quite awhile.
Hannah immediately started marching around the outside of the circle making up songs and narrating to herself.

The girls climbing on a tree stump. They took turns jumping off to Daddy.

The girls kept coming back to these daffodils. It was just this one little patch. You see the shoots for them all over the place right now. The footpath (aka sidewalk) leading up to our front door is lined with the shoots, but these were some of the first that we've seen that have bloomed.

That smug little look says, "Ha, ha, I'm on top of the stump and you're, can someone please help me down?"

What a beauty!

Our family!
I absolutely LOVE this picture!

A quick little snuggle

Cailyn and her new best friend, Ms. D
The girls have both really taken to our friends, Mr. W and Ms. D
Anytime we got anywhere, it's quite the discussion to decide who gets to sit by whom. We're really grateful to have them here.
Be sure to check out the new posts below. We've got one more post from our outting yesterday. Not sure if I'll get it up this morning or not, but it'll be soon anyway.


Marian Frizzell said...

Love all the pictures, especially the one of the girls with the daffodils. You have such a great style! I remember how in love with daffodils I was when I was in the UK, always on the lookout for them. My favourite finding was of an entire immense field of them flowing down the hill from a Scottish castle. That was a photo shoot!

Jonelle Yates said...

Hey guys Glad to hear that you made it there okay. Love the pictures. Do you use Photoshop? You have a wonderful way with the photography! We'll be on that side of the pond though in a different place come August at the latest. Can't wait, yet really nervous!

Lainee said...

I also adore your family picture, great comp. Who took it?

love you guys....