Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun Times in VA

Well, our first 3 week in Virginia have been...interesting. :o) The girls really love their school and are making tons of friends. One of her best friends from school lives in our apartment building, so they get to play everyday, which is nice because Hannah gets upset on the weekends when there's no school. I'm reminding myself that part won't last (about being sad about weekends), but its so cute and endearing now.

One of the best parts of where our apartment is, is that its right next to a little park area with a HUGE playground. The girls both have a favorite thing to play on - the swings!! Our second week here was REALLY cold, and we thought we were in for an early winter. However, this week its really warmed up again (it was in the mid-70's today!) so we've gotten a lot of outside time. We live about a 5 minute walk (if the girls are in the stroller; 15 if they walk, too) from the girls' school. So, there were a few days when we really had to bundle them up!

Well, not ALL outside time. Cailyn came down with a case of Roseola and was out of school all the past week. We were going a little stir crazy by the time her fever broke yesterday and we were all glad when she was able to get outside and play today!

A really cool pattern of airplane trails

A little Saturday morning reprieve from all the hubbub watching a movie

Ready for school!

All bundled up for the short walk to school

Enjoying some sun on the playground
(the playground has old tire pieces instead of sand or bark)

Life's so sad when there's no one to push you on the swing...

All is right with the world!

Look at that HAIR!!

"Awww, I sure do love to swing, Mommy!"


Marc and Charity said...

Hey that sad face picture on the swing is hilarious! Poor thing! ;)

I'm sorry y'all have had so much sickness. I hope you are feeling better by now.

How are you finding it the second time around? Bored? Good?

The Kilcoynes said...

Beautiful pics!

Amy said...

So glad her fever finally broke! Hope everything gets better from here!!

The Kilcoynes said...

I was just thinking... life is different in the quads than in the dorms!

w said...

yea.... an update! glad to hear that you all are doing ok. love the pictures! Especially the sky and swing pics!