Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthday Party Fun!!

We had the privelege to help some of our best friends celebrate their daughter's 2nd birthday this past weekend. They have 4 girls, all of which are the best friends of our girls. This particular family has been such a huge blessing to us the past 3 years and I don't think any of us know what we'll do when we all leave (did we mention they're in the moving process, too?). We may shove them in our suitcases and take them with us!!
Anyway, our girls were excited to help Cassidy and her family celebrate!
Rylie helping Hannah get her party hat on

Hannah and Mommy!

Cassidy wasn't too sure what to think about all that attention...

Cassidy blowing out the candles! (with some help from Haley and Rylie!)

Hannah waiting "patiently" for her cake...


Cailyn giving Miss Cyndi a sweet face for giving her some cake.


Cassidy opening her presents

(notice all the big kids enthralled in the presents...Cailyn's enthralled with the dog!!)

"Daddy, I LOVE my party hat!"

"Uph! My hat fell off!"

"Taayyyy teeeee!"

(aka. "thank you")

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