Friday, March 14, 2008

No News is Good News

Well, I deeply appologize for the long silence. I usually make fun of my blog-friends for going so long w/out an update. However, things have been insanely busy for the Deibel Crew lately. We've all dealt with at least one kind of sickness or another; showing the house; Seth and I were out of town for a week; Granny and Papa came and stayed with the girls that week; Grammy and Grandpa gave us a surprise visit (and we somehow managed to not get any pictures that day :o( ).
However, things have been going well. We had a dedication service during church a couple of weeks ago. For those of you not familiar, a baby dedication is where we stand before our church family and vow before God to raise our children in a Godly way, teaching them His ways, His love, and His Word. The church also vows to support us as we raise our children this way in prayer, encouragement and accountability. God promises us that if you train a child in the way he should go that he won't part from that way when he is older. We truly believe this, and believe that God wants us to raise our children and teach them to love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength (Lord help us! We're so weak!!). We had a similar little ceremony when Hannah was very young (about 3 months old). Both girls were presented with a small New Testament Bible and a certificate. So, that was neat. And it worked out perfectly b/c the Sunday we did this just happened to be the Sunday Granny and Papa were in town, so they were able to be there for it. Wasn't planned that way...just a happy surprise!
Cailyn has also taken her first steps! She's sort of gotten a bit hesitent at it, and would rather hold onto something or push something, but she has taken 1-2 steps on her own at a time a few times.
Hannah continues to do wonderfully. She's over her croup and ear infection - thank God! She continues to amaze us everyday with what she's learning and remembering. Now that she's 3, she gets to go to preschool choir class every Wednesday and she LOVES it. She adores her teacher, Miss Alice, and asks everyday if its "choir class" day. She can tell us her address, her Mommy and Daddy's names, her full name, she can write her first name when told what letters to write. When asked how to spell her name she says, "H-a-h-a-h-a-h-n-n-n-n-a-h-h-a-h". :o)
Hannah's other major milestone is potty training!! She's been fully "day-trained" for a long time now, but we've recently started working on nap and bedtime. And tonight, she donned her last diaper!! She's been talking all week about how she only has "5 diapers left"....even when it was down to 1, it was still "5". Ah, preschool math. :O) But she's very proud of herself and is sure to tell everyone she knows all about it - even those she meets out and about.
Well, here's a few pictures of our adventures. There will be a precious video of Hannah coming soon. Its just too late to put it on tonight, as it always takes ages to load. :o)
Hannah kicking back watching a show

Hannah with her friends: "kitty" and "Little Girl Pooh"

Cailyn's Dedication

Proud girl standing!!

Watching the rain - she stood there for 10 minutes!!

"Reading" with Granny

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big Cailyn has gotten in just a few weeks! How fun to see them growing and learning through your great pics.... seems to me "mommie" liked playing on the fireplace at the house on Potter, too. It was a dance stage, springboard, seat, table, ya!