Saturday, September 8, 2007

Murphy's Law

Wouldn't you know that our child who LOVES medicine, even those nasty Poli-visol liquid vitamins, who would eat a whole tube of Orajel if allowed, rarely gets sick. She's had 2 ear infections her entire 2.5 years of life, the first of which didn't come until after her first birthday. She LOVES medicine, and rarely "gets" to take it.

Our other child, however, who LOATHES medicine, who screams and grimmaces at the mere sight of the Mylicon bottle is on her second ear infection (and she's not even 5 months old yet!). She has to take Zantac twice a day, we're using Orajel for teething, and is now on Augmentin twice a day. She'd have Tylenol for pain, too, except that it aggrivates her reflux.

Why, oh why, can't our child who LOVES medicine be the one who's needed it, if either of them have to need it.

Just another evidence of God's sense of humor!!

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Anonymous said...

Gettin' myself used to checking your blog - sorry to hear about Cailyn's ear infection - poor baby :o(
She's certainly carving her own, unique path.
Love ya, mom